Casey McFarland

President and Co-Founder, Make A Change Foundation 2010, MAC Foundation Events Organizer


Casey co-founded The MAC Foundation in 2010 with Michelle Pittman. The vision of the foundation was to be able to give back to a community in which he was born and raised. With the birth of Casey’s neice Adelle, who is visually impaired, the foundation developed a relationship with the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Over the years, Casey has played a vital role in the organization of all MAC Foundation events. Whether he is walking from business to business on Glenway Avenue to gather donations, or hosting live trivia at MAC Foundation Charity Happy Hours, he is passionate about the MAC Foundation and the ability to make a change.

Michelle Pittman

Co-Founder Make A Change Foundation 2010, MAC Foundation Events Organizer


Michelle co-founded The MAC Foundation in 2010 with Casey McFarland. Michelle's expansive volunteer experience makes her an extremely vital cog in the foundation's success. She has volunteered for several organizations around the tri-state, including Ronald McDonald House, United Way, ArtsWave, Tender Mercies, just to name a few. Michelle's passion for giving back to the community is second to none. She also formed the MAC Foundation Young Professionals Group in 2015.



Amy McFarland

Board Member


Amy got involved with The MAC Foundation based on the organizations that they support including but not limited to The Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  Amy and her family hold the MAC Foundation very close to their hearts. Amy McFarland relies on the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired as a resource for her daughter, Adelle McFarland, who is visually impaired.   Adelle was diagnosed with ONH (Optic Nerve Hypoplasia) when she was 3 months young in 2010.  At that time, Amy and her husband, Jeff, reached out to CABVI for guidance and support and began relying on their expertise and rich history of working with visually impaired children and adults.  CABVI has been an integral part of Adelle's growth and development by assisting her with orientation and mobility, music therapy, and they serve as an advocate and liason for her education plan.  CABVI is an organization that will always be a part of Adelle's life. Amy has also served as a Corporate Liaison for several years raising money for the United Way and the Fine Arts Fund.  She has volunteered for many organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Give Back Cincinnati and People Working Cooperatively.

Stephanie Phillips

Board Member


Stephanie has been involved with the MAC Foundation since 2012, and became a board member in 2013. Stephanie's volunteer experience includes being involved in the Relay for Life (Harrison chapter), Ronald McDonald House collections, the American Heart Association - Heart Mini, and just about every MAC Foundation event to date. Her marketing background brings a fresh perspective to getting the MAC Foundation name out into the community as our organization grows.

Tom Phillips

Board Member


Tom has been involved with the MAC Foundation since 2010, and became a board member in 2013. Tom's volunteer experience includes being involved in the Cincinnati Walk MS, Relay for Life (Harrison chapter), Ronald McDonald House collections and Tender Mercies through Ohio National Financial Services. Tom is the foundation's tech savvy board member that helps keep all our solicitation efforts streamlined and communicated with all other board members.

Tina Singler

Board Member


I am honored to be asked to be part of the board of the MAC Foundation. I have been a sponsor of this event for for the

past 4 years. I'm thrilled to see how it has grown and and the financial support it has brought to the different charities.


As a child I lost my Mom at a young age, which left my Dad at the age of 35 a widow with 2 very small children. I know he would not been able to get thru this tough time with out the support of his family, friends and community. He eventually married his second wife who lost her husband at the same age, but, had 7 childeren. She also could not have gotten thru her time without the support she had gotten from family, friends and community. 


These are the reasons I find it very important to give back. I have worked with the MDA and United Way programs thru the Kroger Company. I have pitched in and been on several committees to help those in need. These are the projects that are the most fullfilling. To see a community pitch in and act as one to help the ones really in need....WOW!! My name to fame is bringing "Spring Fling" to St. John's PTO. I started the trip in 1998 and ran it for 11 years. The year I stepped down the event had grown up to 8 buses and raising up to $20,000 for the school. 


I also own Shagz A Salon and we are involved in many events. which include,ovarian Cancer walk, Free hair cuts for the children of Colerain Elementary at their open house, every October we raise money for the Pink Ribbon Girls and we are huge supporters of the community and rarely say no to any donation that is asked for for someone in need. 


My personal "give back" is to My Cancer girls. It is my belief that beauty in the time of need is extremely important and should not be a profit center. My services to my guest from the time of diagnosis till they are back 100% are on me. This has brought an amazing feed back to the salon. the community has stepped up by donating wigs to give to guests who are going thru this tough time. This is just amazing to me. Everyone should feel beautiful...all the time. Like I always say.... If you share a smile....I bet you will get one back ;0) 


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